Rate Card

Alan Howarth: My rate card

I love it when you come to this page, it means – you’ve looked over my site – you like my work – you think I’m the guy for your project – now you’re wondering:

How much will it cost?

However, if you came to this page first, and cost was your first consideration – STOP – go and look at my site, check my work is right for you and your project and DON’T come back to this page unless you feel I am the right man for the job.

In the overall scheme of things cost is a minor factor – getting the right product should be your major issue.

Look at this another way, answer these questions to decide your video value

  • Why do you want a video?
  • What do you want it to achieve?
  • How much would that success be worth to you and your company?
  • How much would you be prepared to invest?


OK, now talk to me

What sort of video do you need?

What does your audience need?

They  information and a good experience but in varying degrees

I find food is a helpful analogy with this question

You need sustenance (information) and flavour and good service (good experience)

Sometimes a plate of baked beans hits the spot, sometimes it has to be a five star gourmet restaurant

You know your audience, your potential video value, I know how to produce the best video for your budget

OK, now talk to me – there’s no commitment


Consider these factors too:

If you’ve no previous experience of commissioning work, how do you know the length of time a project will take to complete?

Is cost really the driving factor in your decision? Or is it the way the project is completed that’s important?

You obviously like my style, or you wouldn’t be on this page of my site, so don’t go elsewhere because it’s going to cost a few pounds more than you expected to pay – or because you expected to pay more!

A thorough professional with wide experience

That’s how I would describe myself. I’ve spent as much time developing my art/craft as any solicitor or accountant has in learning theirs. So this is the level of importance to your business that I pitch my services.

Though I’m based in the North-West about half of my work is done within the M25.

It’s the cost:quality equation – My work is good – My costs are lower – I’m reliable – I deliver – My work is my passion – You get much more than a ‘guy doing just another job’. I expect the same commitment from my client’s too.

Available anywhere in the UK, and beyond.

No Travel Expenses (excl. overseas)
Expenses and Time will be charged between separate locations.
I can edit disc on-site.

I’m very negotiable on long term & interesting projects.

People wildly over-estimate and under-estimate how much I can do in one day, in equal measure.

Talk to me about your project for an accurate costing.